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AI + Design thinking

AI + Design Thinking is a unique interdisciplinary program that aims to create business value by combining creative craftsmanship of design thinking with the technological power of artificial intelligence. Participants will learn how to facilitate and run interdisciplinary innovation processes.

More than ever before, companies and organizations are discovering and exploring the benefits of using artificial intelligence (AI). However, many are unable to go from experimenting with AI solutions to achieving real business value.

The course is specially tailored for design innovation for AI projects within companies and organizations.


AI + Design thinking will give participants the opportunity to become 'catalysts for innovation' in the companies they work for.


Participants are expected to bring a case related to their own workplace, organization or company, and use a design thinking + AI approach to this case.


Becoming a catalyst for innovation requires mastering three basic skills:

1) To be able to discover opportunities by looking at challenges and situations with a customer-centric mindset and by framing the "right" problem that needs to be solved.

2) Be able to think differently and interdisciplinary to search for new problems and solutions where AI works as a possible technology.

3) To embrace an experimental attitude to iteratively discover and test early on what is valuable, feasible and viable.


AI + Design Thinking is based on an AI ecosystem that in addition to technology includes users, customers, business and organization. The interplay between these elements provides a framework for innovation and value creation in a business perspective.


The content of the course has been developed in collaboration with leading national and international experts in the new field for full integration of AI and design thinking. 

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