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Cyber Tactics

The course is a part of the experience based master and will therefore aim to build on your professional background and experience.

We will start with a round of presentation, where everyone gets to tell us who they are, where they work, what area of interest they have. We continue by introducing the course and setting the stage for why we think cyber tactics is relevant when it comes to protecting Norwegian businesses,


Norwegian society and ensuring the safety of the people. We expect you to contribute with your own experiences and to apply the theory to your own professional practice. We will spend some time talking about the mandatory assignment. This assignment is individual and will build upon your professional practice.


You can prepare yourself by thinking through issues and developments related to digitalization and cyber threat relevant to your business or organization

  • Cyber domain, social and technological aspects

  • Introduction to tactics

  • Cyberspace as an operational domain

  • Conflict and crime in cyberspace

  • Cyber tactics

  • A Comprehensive approach to cyber defence

  • Effect based defence cyber operations

  • Cyber Operations planning

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